Back in 2007, Michael Summerfield wanted to call his new bar “BOOZE EMPORIUM GASTROPUB & OYSTER BAR.” Of course, the powers-that-be decided one shouldn’t tell Ontarians that there might be “Booze” in a “Bar.” 
So having been “prohibited,” Michael stamped “PROHIBITION” (PROHO for short) over his Booze Emporium logo. And ever since we’ve embraced the trailblazer spirit of the Prohibition Era!

Of course, during the Prohibition Era, people had to fight hard for their right to party! 
Quite fortuitously, Michael knows how to create the conditions conducive to partying from the days when he ran 606, one of Canada’s hottest party bars. Hell, even Mick J. felt comfortable enough to relax & have great time!

Over the years we’ve evolved the original Booze Emporium concept into PROHIBITION GASTROHOUSE – a place where our focus is on making you feel welcome, appreciated, and comfortable.